Use a SEO agency – or do the search engine optimization yourself?

As a small business owner, you have a lot of decisions to make when it comes to handling online marketing. You must also decide whether you want to hire an in-house SEO, or hire a professional ecommerce SEO agency.

With an SEO agency, you don’t have to worry about all of the technical stuff that comes along with implementing SEO best practices. You can just focus on your business and let your SEO agency take care of the rest.

Do you need an SEO agency, or want to do SEO yourself?

There are numerous factors your site needs a seo (SEO) professional to help your internet site attain more.

Many people will attempt as well as go it alone in the search engine optimization process and most of instances this is a wrong choice and also does not get generate the results for your website within the online search engine that a search engine optimization consultant can get you.

If you are seriously considering doing your internet sites optimization on your own you need to ask on your own the following questions:

How precious is your time?

As a company owner your time is extremely valuable as well as is not generally finest invested trying to maximize your website, it is usually far better spent running your service. Many web site owners think that they will certainly save cash by maximizing their own internet site however this rarely ends up being the situation.

Here’s a little post about ecommerce SEO.

Seo is a time consuming as well as complex process and should not be underestimated, and after all if you are spending all of this moment trying to be a seo consultant as well as optimizing your site, who’s running your organization?

Do you have the abilities?

Optimizing a site is a difficult process and not something that can simply be picked up and found out in 5 minutes. There are numerous requirements that the internet search engine will certainly make use of to analyse websites as well as a great Search Engine Optimization consultant will certainly recognize with every one of them.

Can you get it right?

This is where most DIY’ers get is wrong and also getting it incorrect when it pertains to seo is a big problem. Every excellent SEO professional knows that there are specific challenges that must be avoided in any way expenses. If you do not know what you are doing as well as make the blunder of dropping nasty to one of those might risks then your internet site can go from hero to zero and after that your internet site ends up prohibited from the online search engine.

Aren’t you biased?

A lot of internet site proprietors are biased and also think they understand best when it pertains to their web site yet this frequently leads to several issues including the age old issue of not being able to see the wood for the trees. Among the major problems comes when choosing key phrases as the keyword phrases people search for are typically not the search phrases website proprietors think them to be. A SEO expert understands this as well as will certainly ensure the right search phrases are used as well as not disregarded.

Can you keep it up?

Seo is an ongoing process of screening, maximizing and also measuring. It is not something that can be done once and also laid off so you require to guarantee you are in it for the long-term.

If you are major about your organization as well as your search advertising campaign after that you need an experienced SEO consultant, the lower line is.

Lots of internet site owners think that they will conserve money by maximizing their very own web site however this hardly ever transforms out to be the case. Search engine optimization is a time consuming and also complex procedure as well as should not be undervalued, as well as after all if you are spending all of this time attempting to be a seo consultant and also enhancing your website, that’s running your service?

If you do not understand what you are doing and make the blunder of falling foul to one of those might mistakes then your internet site can go from hero to absolutely no as well as then your website finishes up outlawed from the search engines.

Most site owners are biased and also think they know best when it comes to their internet site but this often leads to lots of issues consisting of the age old problem of not being able to see the wood for the trees. One of the major troubles comes when selecting search phrases as the keywords individuals search for are generally not the keyword phrases web site proprietors think them to be.

At a time when the number of digital marketing agencies are rising, it is easy to be confused as to why you need to use a SEO company or a digital marketing agency at all. The fact is that SEO isn’t something that you can do on your own, and the complexities of the topic can be intimidating. The good news is that with the right SEO company, your website can be one of the most successful digital marketing campaigns out there.

Automated Commerce is all about giving you more customers. Without the headaches.

There are many good reasons to use a SEO agency. If you’re on the fence about hiring one, here are 5 reasons you should make the commitment and switch to an SEO agency.

  1. They know the search engines better than you do.
  2. They are experts at making use of social media.
  3. You’ll save money in the long run.
  4. A good agency will know what keywords to target.
  5. An agency will be able to cover multiple platforms.

So now you’ll have to chose. Do the SEO yourself ( see the book here about how you do SEO yourself), or outsource it to Automated Commerce and we take care of all the work needing to happen.

2 Things You Might Want Your Ecommerce To Have

Ecommerce competition is getting tougher and tougher everyday. It is hard for new online stores to stand out among the crowd. With the growing number of online stores, a question that arises is how to win customers and succeed in this highly competitive online market? The best way to win customers is by knowing them and gaining their trust.

The key to winning customers’ trust is by providing the best customer service experiences. Achieving this goal can be done by joining the right communities and communicating with your customers to make their shopping experience a good one. Once you have won their trust, you will have loyal customers. The next step is to make sure you have a strong online presence to retain your customers’ loyalty.

2 Things Your Ecommerce Website Should Have

Online shopping is the latest trend amongst clients. Why would you still go to the shop personally when you can do shopping from the conveniences of your own home? Due to the fact that of the rising appeal of online shopping, a growing number of service persons are establishing their own ecommerce websites to meet the needs of consumers and naturally, earn big cash online.

There is a really bright future for ecommerce websites. As long as there are needs that must be satisfied, there will be clients. For ecommerce site owners, making money online can be so simple. If individuals need your services and items, your site will survive as long as you desire.

Online Competition For Ecommerce Websites

Since of the increasing numbers of online buyers, there is a requirement for more ecommerce sites. The problem, nevertheless, is that there appear to be several ecommerce websites now. A lot of service persons have actually answered the call to sell something online. This makes online competition very hard.

Simply consider this, if you offer health and charm products online, there are hundred more a number of websites like yours. They likewise offer the very same services and products. If there is one client trying to find a health product, he has a hundred choices to pick from. So how can you increase your website’s chance of getting that consumer?

You should also try to get better rankings in Google. If you’re ready to do that now, consider buying our book about ecommerce free traffic – and consider our ecommerce SEO service.

Plan Ahead And Market Your Ecommerce Website

This is one thing that the majority of ecommerce site owners do not completely comprehend. Most of them think that when they have actually set up their websites, they do not have to do anything anymore.

Ecommerce websites require 2 things to consider. Is preparing and the 2nd is marketing. Before setting up the website, there need to be an extensive preparation. In planning, you should think about the target audience, budget plan, design and other aspects that will impact the overall efficiency of the website.

After you have set up your website, you need to work on a marketing campaign. The option of the web marketing alternative depends on the need of your site.

Keep in mind not to quit working on your site after the set up. The sales will likewise stop if you stop working on it. Constantly market your site for constant sales.

Due to the fact that of the increasing appeal of online shopping, more and more business individuals are setting up their own ecommerce sites to satisfy the requirements of customers and of course, earn huge money online.

For ecommerce site owners, earning cash online can be so easy. Since of the increasing numbers of online buyers, there is a need for more ecommerce websites. The problem, nevertheless, is that there seem to be numerous ecommerce websites now. Ecommerce sites require two things to think about.

A few tricks to how you can get more paying customers

As a business, you need to have a plan to attract paying customers to your website. You may have the best products or services on the market, but that doesn’t mean you will be able to attract paying customers.

A lot of people go about attracting paying customers in the wrong way. They spend tons of time and money on marketing and advertising. The trick to getting more paying customers is to spend less time and money on this.

Tricks to Getting More Customers: During some point in business advancement cycle, every company owner asks themselves the following concern:

How do I draw in more consumers who will spend more cash and bring me more earnings?

Most business owners are not in company to offer charity and they need some method of attracting more clients who will invest cash.

Customer acquisition is the name for getting customers, and it is the first top priority any entrepreneur should implement. Nearly anything you perform in business is not as essential as client acquisition. In order to stay in business and make earnings a business owner must have a full-proof way to get more consumers, and keeping the loyal consumers you have.

Without a doubt, the way to get more clients is through a direct action marketing system. Either via good eCommerce SEO, or another DR-way. What this means is whatever procedure you choose to acquire brand-new customers you require an integrated method of tracking response so you understand where the customer came from.

The secret is:
You should inform your prospective consumers where they can discover you AND give them a worth while factor for doing business with your business.

Needless to say, this is the secret behind all marketing. Marketing practices can be limited to this one possible goal. Inform your potential clients where they can find you and most notably why they should be working with you.

Practical ways to do that are:

  1. Send everybody in your company location a postcard, or distribute leaflets when you reveal a sale or event. Have them generate the postcard to receive a unique affordable rate.
  2. Disperse a press release with the current company news, and products offered just at your business. Include a special telephone number for clients to call for more info.
  3. Provide a speech at a seminar or Chamber of Commerce. and distribute pamphlets detailing your products, and service with your address, phone, and name number with a special way for consumers to get a discount rate at your service when they visit.
  4. Get classified advertisements, yellow pages, or whatever ways are available in your area, and don’t forget to consist of that all-important discount deal in the advertisement.
  5. You must be a specialist in your business field by furnishing info about your product, and service to potential customers.

    Many business owners relate to marketing as a method to no end, and would rather focus solely on their core service functions. But when these practical techniques are utilized in getting more customers to their place of business they can consider themselves successful, and start taking pleasure in the revenues of their effort!

Client acquisition is the name for getting consumers, and it is the very first concern any company owner needs to put into practice. Nearly anything you do in business is not as important as customer acquisition. In order to remain in the organization and make earnings a business owner should have a complete proof method to get more customers, and keeping the devoted customers you have.

Inform your prospective clients where they can find you and most notably why they need to be doing company with you.
Consist of an unique telephone number for consumers to call for more details.

A few words about SEO for ecommerce

SEO is an important factor in today’s world of ecommerce.  It involves the practice of optimizing your web pages to be more easily found by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  This is done by using different techniques that guide the search engine to understand what your page is about and display it in the search results when someone searches for it.  This is important for ecommerce sites because it gives you an edge over the competition.  

When a customer is searching for a product, they want to find the best deal they can, and many times this means they will choose the site that is most easily found in the search results.  SEO gives you that edge.

But if you are struggling to draw people in, you need to know that SEO is the easiest way to get people to buy your products. You have already targeted your market, and you have high quality content on your site. But how are you going to get them to come to your site? There are a couple of key things you have to remember. The first thing you need to do is target your market. You need to know what they are looking for and you need to get it on your site so that they know there is a site for it. After all, they can’t be at home and click on something to end up on someone else’s site. Once you have the audience well targeted, you should know exactly what would make them want to visit your site and buy your products. For example, if it’s your site about music, and you are trying to sell your brand of music, the royalties you will earn should be more than the cost of getting the songs from your recording company. Of course, prices aren’t the only factor. You have to have high quality content. If you have a celebrity endorse your brand, you already have one of the big guns talking about your site, and you need to get them on board. Once you have the celebrity talking about your site, you have taken a giant step toward success.

Now let’s address the second piece of your SEO strategy, good quality content. Content is the single most important thing you can do for your off the site SEO process, like on the site itself. Without good content on the site, your rankings will be crappy, and you won’t get traffic from the search engines. If your site is your only source of income, just because it looks pretty, that may be okay, but if your site is your online business’ lifeline, you’ve got to make sure that you will make money if that’s all you’ve got.

By properly doing search engine optimization, you achieve a couple of goals. By driving traffic to your website you raise your chances of being found and clicked by customers. By raising the chances of being found your potential customers will actually make a purchase once they arrive at the site. This is one of the main goals of search engine optimization. Another goal of SEO is to provide your customer with a what they are looking for, that is keywords.

SEO brings business to your ecommerce

SEO is the single most important factor in the success of your ecommerce site. Why? Because without customers, your business is doomed for failure.

SEO is about bringing the right traffic

We all know that SEO is all about getting traffic to your site, and how to get traffic from search engines like Google. The first thing you need to do before you do any SEO is to optimize your website as much as possible for search engines. You have to make sure that you have a clear description of your products and services on your homepage, and high quality content on your site. If you would like to get some help you can look at our ecommerce SEO services.

How to optimize your ecommerce site for search engines

Getting traffic to your site from search engines can be time consuming. However, it’s a critical step. Let’s look at how optimizing your site for search engines can help you to obtain the first page listings on the search engine results pages.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)? Search engine optimization is a process aimed at ensuring that your site is driven to the top of the search engines for a particular keyword or keyword phrase. Studies have shown that the majority of people will only search 1 – 4 pages before they abandon the search. This means, for your site to be found, you have to be listed on the top three search engine results

How do you ensure search engine exposure? To do this, you have to understand how the search engines work. First, the engines use robotic or computer-driven software, which access websites and extract information such as links, text links, and even images from them. These robots visit your website and use this information to calculate how relevant your site is for a particular keyword or keyword phrase.

The search engines estimate a quality Score out of all of this information that it collects and compares to other sites. The higher the quality score, the higher location you will receive on the search engine results pages. The importance of the bigger the priority number on the search engine results page (SERP), the more visitors you get to your site.

Picking the right keyword to emphasize. Picking the right keywords is important in getting your site listed on the search engines, and avoid the bidding war that so many are involved in. This is the real secret to search engine optimization (SEO), and also something that is covered in different SEO courses over the internet. Basics for ecommerce SEO.

How to put the right keywords in the right position. As your goal is to get your site listed high on search engines, you will want to put those keywords at the right position. You do this by thinking like a search engine.

Let’s look at the keyword ‘car’. (And that is a bad example in fact.) You will want to put that word in front of your site, either in the first position, or in the middle, and also in the last position.

You also want to create content that is highly related to “car”. Like writing about things that are relevant to cars. Like “tyre”, “polishing” and “fuel”, among other things.

This is the way the engines rank your site and you want to be somewhere near the top. Not only that, you also won’t want to place the word car onto the page too many times.

You should also use a keyword analysis tool that will help you evaluate your keyword status so you can change locations if needed.

There’s more to know about optimizing your site for the search engines. Your goal as an ecommerce site owner is to get your site in the top ten listing on the search engines so you can make more sales. To do this, you have to understand the search engines, the match of keywords, how the sites are optimized, what your competitors are doing, what measure is the best, how to get your site in the top spot, and more.

The best way to learn all these tactics is to go out and do some research. The best way to do this is to find a good SEO course and learn all you can about search engine optimization. Or in fact, the cheapest and best way is to read our new book. 🙂

Some simple Google basics for ecommerce sites

No matter whether you’re running a small business or a large business, you can benefit from optimizing your website.  Because of the wide range of offers available online, search engines like Google are an important tool for many people who are looking for a solution to a specific problem says Automated Commerce.

Google dominates the internet search engine world, although that the conversion-to-buyer price at MSN is a lot greater. This requires most ecommerce services to try as well as dance Google’s waltz, without fully understanding the ins and outs of how Google functions.

Browsing Google is challenging. Most SEO optimizing experts and SEO Internet marketing experts do not understand what they are doing. In fact, the majority of them are until now behind the moments that their info is worthless. The winter 2021 saw the current adjustment in Google’s formula leaving several ecommerce companies with sharp declines in website traffic.

What is a Google Algorithm

The Google Algorithms are basically the mathematics solutions utilized to determine which web pages rate high in the searches, and also which ones rank low, or are banned. Google adjusts the policies ever so often to help them sweep away websites that are not enhanced. As well as they are likewise trying to get rid of sites tha are over-optimized.

Google also makes changes to meet the needs of the web designers. When Google brought in their incoming web link ranking system, it provided numerous web designers a possibility to construct web link ranches, getting an unfair benefit. In reaction Google now tries to find content around a link. If there is no web content, after that the web link has little worth.


Lots of webmasters do not comprehend what this indicates. And also, numerous SEO optimizers do not recognize what this means. To numerous, it still means coding a web page to make sure that the key phrases are highlighted, and also under.05% of the content (including web link bars). They believe it is a technique of website design.

Ecommerce businesses are still clambering to pay Search Engine Optimization optimizers large dollars to make their pages rate high, when meta tags and also SEO methods have really little importance. Currently, the internet search engine are searching for excellent content, with heading titles, and a website full of comparable content, with write-ups linked together making use of the same ‘keyword supports.’

Google’s brand-new algorithms have made it feasible for numerous tiny ecommerce businesses to build their page ranking, and also online search engine rank, without ever before paying a dime to a Search Engine Optimization professional.

The Google Sandbox and Supplemental Index

Both of these reason chills to add most webmasters backs, however just since they are not understood, Google does not have a Sandbox. Yes, it might take a couple of months to obtain your website provided as well as turning up, inbound links may not stand for a very long time, as well as an internet site might not show up when searched – yet that is not a sandbox. It is just a backlog. One way to conquer it is to participate in Google’s Browse Console. In the GSC you can include your website, and after that ask Google to index all pages or solitary web pages by some easy clicks.

The supplemental index is as simple to leave. First, have a look at the meta information – is it too generic? If so, then do not make use of keyword phrases however utilize keyword phrases. The keyword ‘ecommerce’, is as well generic, so is ‘ecommerce service.’ However, ‘discover just how to start an ecommerce company’ will certainly assist that page target. Next, ensure the web page is connected to a high ranking web page. This can be done by putting web links inside the web page – or by including it to the website’s navigation system. Within a short time, that web page will certainly no longer remain in the extra index.

7 tips for you who want to start an e-commerce site

When Shopping for E-commerce Hosting Here Are a Few Things You Should Pay Attention To. And E-commerce SEO

When shopping for e-commerce hosting there are a lot of things you need to keep and mind. The e-commerce SEO possibilities are one, but there are far more that will impact your sales.

Ecommerce seo free traffic

When you know what to try to find it is a lot much easier to guarantee you get precisely what you require and not leave any crucial info out. Consider these 7 must haves prior to you start looking for e-commerce hosting so you will be prepared.

When shopping for e-commerce hosting there are a lot of things you need to keep and mind. The e-commerce SEO possibilities are one, but there are far more that will impact your sales. When you know what to try to find it is a lot much easier to guarantee you get precisely what you require and not leave any crucial info out. Consider these 7 must haves prior to you start looking for e-commerce hosting so you will be prepared.

The shop design and functions

Despite what software application you are utilizing, one of your main issues needs to be the store. You wish to be able to tailor your store to your specifications, at least within reason, and definitely you want it to appear professional and well assembled. This ought to be a main consideration when buying e-commerce hosting.

One of the things I specifically consider is the possibility to add custom text blocks where ever you want to the store. Especially it’s important to be able to add custom content to the collections / category pages. If you want to know more about this, please consider read the book “Free Automated Traffic Blueprint” where I lay it all out.


Despite the hosting you are using you will want assistance, 24/7 if at all possible, and assistance that is genuine, live, and will help you with your problems. Personally, I love 24/7 chat – as I can get help whenever I need it and don’t need to wait for a feedback for hours or even days. Plus it helps me to get going if I have missed a tutorial that could have helped me.

You ought to look for some self assistance support as well in the form of a FAQ location and support supplying advice for when you discover yourself in certain situations. Good hosts will offer you with a lot of details so you can help yourself.

PS: If you start using an open source ecommerce solution you can usually find heaps pf help in YouTube videos and doing some searching in Google.


With your e-commerce host you want to be able to develop your site easily and to your specs. So, you definitely want to utilize software application that is easy to execute and comprehend. In addition, it is handy if wizards are readily available to help you throughout the building procedure.


You wish to ensure the host is integrated and works well with all of the other systems that you require for your site to be effective, if it is not integrated you ought to highly consider other choices.

Functions and tools

This is very important because you desire as many functions offered from several currencies to a log of purchases, so your e-commerce host will require to be able to offer you with the space and tools you need to stay up to date with all of this information.

If you are into selling clothes and similar it’s also very important that the system can handle multiple variants of the same item, and also to keep a stock overview. If you are thinking of growing your shop to keep houndreds or even thousands of different items, you would like the system to also keep locations and also write them on the packing slips.

Of course it is also vital, seen from my perspective, that the system allows you to easily edit any meta title, meta description, content and images you have on your site. It shpuld also auto populate the alt-attributes for tyhe images with the keywords you want your site to rank for in Google etc.


When it pertains to e-commerce software you can either buy online, create your own or use a open source software. The best alternative is often to find a host that uses software application that is of high quality and will assist you with e-commerce. For instance you could go for Shopify or BigCommerce. There are a lot of other systems to choose from too.

In the open source space you can for instance install Magento, ZenCart, Open Cart and a lot of other solutions.

Relieve of Navigation

Your e-commerce software in addition to your host should permit you and customers to browse quickly through all of the pages and all of the links without getting baffled or backtracking. A good rule is to limit the number of needed clicks to get to a certain product. I tend to keep these to max 3 clicks.

Great usability is vital to get good sales numbers.

Shopping for e-commerce hosting requires you understand what you are trying to find in addition to what you require. As long as you pick an experienced host who has confirmed experience, you’ll have a much better opportunity at making a smart decision.

Getting traffic for free? (Power of good SEO )

So you’re now moving into the ecommerce space, and that’s a good space to be in. But you need to know how to get traffic for free, because paying for ads in the long haul will lower your margins. Paid ads are good, when used the right way. But getting free traffic is much much better.

Write quality content when you’re doing SEO, and you’ll win in the long haul (and short)

Quality content is important – and is relevant for SEO and getting you better rankings and more visitors!

Quality content SEO

It’s always been important to write web content for users, not search engines, but many entrepreneurs haven’t always listened. They just wanted something to draw search engines and rank highly. Poorly, some irresponsible “marketers” used manipulation to get users to go to their web only to be routed to more advertising and paying links. Although I know that we all use tricks and resources that we know about search engine optimization and marketing for our benefit, the improvements that are made to the search results from Google’s side are often really beneficial for honest companies.

With the changes happening in the search engine rankings, if you want to succeed, you’re going to have to rely on high quality material rather than just putting any keywords up. It’s not about creating spam, but put up unique content that people will read and benefit from.   The higher the standard of the material you have, and the more relevant it is to the intent google likes to rank, , the more you can feature in the top results of your viewer search results. Yeah, don’t take a negative look at the changes. They’re good for you, the truthful owner of the company.

You ought to realize what quality content is and also strive to ensure that all the information on the website follows those standards.

Material Should Be Well Established & Researched

It’s not hard to figure out what you want to say before you say it. It is essential that the material is correct, that it represents some understanding of the subject due to obvious analysis. If it isn’t well crafted, it’s will often look unprofessional and not get the results you want for your company.

Obviously you need well-written content

It doesn’t mean you’ll need to have flawless grammar, and you don’t need to compose college-level material (unless the audience wants it) however you do need to use the popular language that the target audience uses to communicate to their level. You don’t want to talk about strangers, and you don’t want to talk negative to people about them either. Writing web content needs a clear knowledge of the genre as well as the demographic you’re seeking to target.

A Mix of Relevant & Evergreen Concepts and Ideas Builds Authority

Clear and concise topics as well as “evergreen” concepts are vital to the life of the website and to the generation of traffic. Evergreen subjects are theoretically nice indefinitely, but if you’re talking about technology, you can do need to revisit so-called evergreen blog posts and papers once in a while. It is necessary to demonstrate the authority on the subject a mixture of styles.

Include A Wide Variety of Content Types Builds Interest

In addition to both topical and evergreen topics, you also need to include a wide variety of content types. The types of content you can have on (and off) your website are: blog posts, blogs, white papers, studies, eBooks, videos, and more. It is also intended to generate material in a variety of formats, such as text, film, audio and infographics.

When search engine technology advances, in the expectation of providing useful results to consumers, if you follow these criteria for high-quality content, you can end up with outstanding, high ranking SERPS inside your niche.

Facebook Shops: Online store solution as part of Facebook

Facebook announced yesterday that they are launching Facebook Shops. That is, they are launching an online store solution as part of Facebook and Instagram. Anyone who has a Facebook Page for their organization can thus start a small online store.

The plan is that this can eventually be integrated into a larger “outside Facebook” online store such as Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce. Therefore, you can avoid having to deal with multiple trading systems if you already have an online store.

I personally think this may be a thing that may work for many, but that it will not compete with you who are actively working to promote your online store. When you do SEO for the online store it is to hit people who are actively searching for your products or solutions that your products provide. This I am sure is still a great way to increase traffic and get more buyers into your online store.

I am therefore sure that having their main online store outside Facebook will be the primary choice. Not least because you are independent of a platform that is known to just shut down advertising accounts without warning and where it has proved extremely difficult to be heard if this has happened without violating Facebook’s terms.

I also think that those who find a store on Facebook will probably buy more on impulse, so therefore it sets some guidelines for what types of products will be successful there. Among other things, I think that typical impulse goods will be able to do well, but goods that require a lot more energy in the decision will still sell best on their own solutions. Partly because you don’t have to be interrupted by the red “you got a new message” or “someone has written something” that appears in the upper right …

Thus, I believe that this and the old online store solutions can exist well side by side, and also that the “Face shop” can be used well as initial sales – and then follow up customers to buy more expensive products that give more margin in the main online store . A bit like an ecom funnel.

Mark Zuckerberg wrote this post today:

facebook store

Here is the whole facsimile from the post:

“I just announced that we’re launching Facebook Shops today – the basic idea is that any small business can easily start a shop to sell things directly across our apps. If you visit someone’s shop, you’ll be able to see that small business’s story, see their featured products, and buy them in our apps.

I think this particularly important right now because so many small businesses are moving online to deal with the economic fallout from Covid-19. As people are being told to stay home, physical storefronts are having a hard time staying open and millions of people are losing their jobs. I’ve been personally working with our teams on Facebook Shops every day for the last couple of months so we could accelerate launching it to small businesses who could use tools like this now.

Facebook Shops are free and easy to create. When you set up your shop, it will appear on your Facebook and Instagram accounts to start and soon on Messenger and WhatsApp too. Shops are native and fast, which means no more app-switching to a slow mobile web browser where you have to reenter your credit card when you tap on an interesting product you see in feeds. We’re also working with partners like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Channel Advisor, CedCommerce, Cafe24, Tienda Nube and Feedonomics so that small businesses can easily integrate into a strong, open ecosystem of tools to help them manage their customer journey end-to-end, and it’s up to the business to decide what level of integration they want.

On top of that, we’re building a bunch of features across our apps to help people discover things from small businesses that they might want to buy. We’re building a dedicated shopping tab on Instagram and a destination inside Explore where you can find and buy products you might be interested in. Soon, we’ll also be launching new Live shopping features across Facebook and Instagram, which will allow you to shop on Live in real-time.

Lastly, in the near future Shops will use our AI and augmented reality tech to create better shopping experiences. We’ll automatically identify and tag products in feeds so people can easily click-through to purchase when they find things they like. Small businesses will also be able to personalize their storefronts to first show products that are most relevant to you and use augmented reality to let you virtually try on things like sunglasses, lipstick or makeup to see how they might look on you before buying, or what furniture might look like in your room.

This all adds up to something quite powerful. If you’re running a small business or you’re thinking of starting one – even from your living room – you now have a whole suite of tools available that can help you serve people. You can build out your online presence across Facebook and Instagram. You can use Messenger and WhatsApp to communicate with your customers. You can reach new customers through our ads. And now, you can also set up a full online store experience with Facebook Shops. All of these tools are open for business, even when your physical storefront can’t be. Hopefully this helps relieve some of the pressure that small businesses are facing right now and helps them prepare for a more online future. I look forward to getting Shops into the world more widely.”

Then you can like it or not. I’m skeptical that Facebook is trying to put our whole life in there, but also see that there are opportunities that come from this.

Personally, I believe that items people buy on impulse will do well in such stores, while goods that involve some mental energy to choose will do better in regular online stores. So using “lure offers” in the Facebook online store, and then selling them up for larger purchases in your own online store will be an interesting issue.

It is also exciting to see if they cut advertising costs for integrated online stores, versus online stores that send customers out of the Facebook sphere.

Either way, it is wise to continue to market your online store in the usual ways, and use this only as an extra leg to stand on.

4 steps to lower your shopping cart abandonment rate

The shoppers are on your website, they have an interest in the product, but the design of your shopping cart is causing you to lose numerous if not most of your clients. Sound familiar? It should.

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Recent research indicates that the average e-commerce website is losing near 75 percent of its buyers throughout shopping cart phase of a deal. While that fact is most likely affected up by a few dreadful websites, the truth remains that the majority of websites are losing big varieties of consumers by not concentrating on their shopping cart. By taking a few fairly minor actions, you can greatly decrease your shopping cart desertion rate.

Fewer steps are better (fewer clicks)

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By requiring your customers to go through several pages you will assuredly see some attrition. Is there another configuration that would decrease the number of actions my customers will face? I am not stating not to minimize your checkout actions, however just that you must focus on the other actions above this one. The more clicks, the more the user has to do. And you don’t want them to do so much, just finish the shopping. 

You would also want to minimize the number of choices a buyer has to make. It’s a thing called decision fatigue, and you really don’t want the person to feel faint trying to navigate through all choices. So just keep that also in mind. 

Progress indicators in the cart

In both e-commerce and physical, the single most significant inhibitor to conversions is uncertainty. When you consider some brick and mortar examples, this is certainly easy to envision. BestBuy stores have actually transitioned to a single line for all of their cashiers instead of having clients pick a cashier to line up in front of.

Why? The response is simple, uncertainty hurts conversion rates.

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People have an instinctual desire to understand what is coming ahead. By consisting of a progress indication at each and every action of the checkout process you will see some exceptional boosts in client retention. Even if you have a 10 action checkout process, letting consumers know where they are along the procedure will guarantee a much higher number of conclusions.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Shoppers react to sensory stimulation. Individuals like to take things off the rack and examine them. You require to compensate for this deficiency as best as possible since that choice isn’t readily available for e-commerce websites. One way to guarantee better conversions is to consist of pictures not just in the shop but likewise in the cart.

Shoppers, especially those brand-new to e-commerce wish to verify and re-verify that they have actually made the proper option. Much of these consumers are lost if you require them to use their web browser’s back buttons to do so. By placing a photo of the product to be acquired within the shopping cart, much of this need is eased, meaning lower abandonment for you.

(This is the reason I also recommend that you have a chat possibility in the ecom. Because any uncertainty kills conversion. But if a customer can reach out via a 2 minutes long chat and just get confirmed they have made the right choices, they’ll more likely buy.

Supply total cost estimates early

Among the most neglected concerns of clients is their mistrust of e-commerce websites when it pertains to shipping. Maybe it’s the years of telemarketers selling garbage items for close to nothing and after that making their revenue on the shipping.

Whatever the reason, it is important to ease fears of surprise costs as soon as possible by offering your users with a total cost estimate earlier instead of later. Exists something to be said for bringing the client in with a low-ball lead cost? Yes. After the leader it is essential to let consumers understand what they are truly paying as early as possible so as to provide a couple of minutes to adapt to the increase.

The buyers are on your website, they are interested in the product, but the design of your shopping cart is causing you to lose many if not many of your consumers. While that statistic is probably affected up by a few awful sites, the fact remains that the majority of websites are losing big numbers of customers by not focusing on their shopping cart. Is there another setup that would decrease the number of actions my consumers will deal with?

By consisting of a development indication at each and every action of the checkout process you will see some remarkable boosts in customer retention. Even if you have a 10 step checkout process, letting consumers understand where they are along the procedure will guarantee a much greater number of conclusions.

So keep up the good work, and test these things in your cart. 

I once increased the conversion rate by 533% (5x) just by adding very clear call to actions and to reduce any uncertainty. 

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