How To Do Social Media Marketing For An E-Commerce?

Do you know the main digital marketing strategies for eCommerce that you can execute to increase your sales? Without a good database of properly segmented users, it won't be very easy for an online store to be effective. Hence the importance of applying appropriate digital marketing strategies for eCommerce that covers objectives such as:

  • Derive traffic from different user capture channels.
  • Increase the number of leads that go through the cold process to become customers.
  • Increase sales.

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Take Care Of Users On Mobile Devices

One of the main mistakes of any current marketing strategy is to forget the users who access your website from your mobile. The traffic coming from these devices is increasing.

According to the report, in 2016, 9 out of 10 use their cell phones on occasion during the purchase process. In fact, according to a study by the Retail Trade Research Center of the University of Nottingham, the average number of purchases completed from mobile devices was 11% in 2019, compared to 8.3% in 2018.

Therefore, you must design the user experience from a "Mobile first "point of view. That is, an eCommerce that is, at the root, thought of as Mcommerce. And remember that Google has stopped indexing websites that are not adapted to the mobile environment. So if you are not mobile-friendly, you do not exist for Google.

Build A Winning Landing Page

The essential thing that a landing page must have is to be attractive to the visitor. It would help if you gave all possible solutions to the problem you have and always be positive so that the user is comfortable and confident.

For what is essential to flee from technicalities or information that can cause the immediate abandonment of users, it is necessary to show simply and clearly the information that the user needs. What you get by showing the benefits you will get if you buy your product.

Creating an effective landing page takes care of the main aspects that make this space the gateway to conversion.

Periodically Publish Valuable Content

Only by publishing valuable content for your potential customers can you still get their attention. And it would help if you did it periodically. So users know they should visit you regularly.

Having a blog in which to show your knowledge of the sector or establish a publication strategy in the different channels are some of the necessary efforts so that your potential buyers continue to trust your value as a brand.

Also, publishing valuable content is one of the most valid digital marketing strategies for eCommerce because it increases the chances that your content will be shared and viewed by more people.

Make Promotions On Special Dates

Every brand should have a calendar of marketing actions that took into account the different special dates for the sale of its product.

Does it make sense not to properly work the Black Friday campaign if it is when the highest sales volume is concentrated? Therefore, you must find digital marketing strategies for eCommerce that take advantage of these moments for those who work special promotions.

Simplify The Forms

One of the basic axes that will increase conversions is to take care of the form, the last step before the user makes the purchase. It makes no sense to ask dozens of data that will not help you if you do not end up buying.

Therefore, the first thing is to request only the essential data so that the purchase can take effect. Subsequently, you can continue to segment buyers with a good lead nurturing strategy.

Publisert/ published: 14-02-2020